install laravel admin panel

This package will provide you the latest version of bootstrap with the latest admin panel design once you installed this package it will give you lots of functionality with the design you can write your own code base on this basic code provided by the package.

Using this you can give proper layout structure for your laravel project and here already if you installed then you will definitely see some layouts of blade structure and etc and some configuration file where you can use dynamically menu with sidebar and using some short command you can update the next package version also.

Install fresh laravel using the below command
composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

composer require jeroennoten/laravel-adminlte

Step:3 (if you have laravel version 7+ then follow this step)
composer require laravel/ui
once done above command you need to again follow some another command 
php artisan ui vue --auth

this will create some authentication files and configure auth into laravel as you can see if you were aware with laravel some basic version 

finally now after this all setup you can successfully install this package by running this command -
php artisan adminlte:install

use --force  for overwriting file of the package
use --interactive options for know more about the adminlte package

once every command run successfully you can run one more command for checking purpose of the status of the adminlte package

php artisan adminlte:status

That's It.

If you wanna know more about how to install specific assets files only OR how to install only resources files only you can check here - How to use AdminLTE

For Update AdminLTE jeroennoten package

Update package with the next command which I write here below

just run this command composer update jeroennoten/laravel-adminlte
update the adminLTE resource / assets 

Note:if you are using AdminLTE for Laravel 5.x and are upgrading to Laravel 6 version, first delete the folder adminlte inside your public/vendor directory.

publish this below command after complete 2 steps.
php artisan adminlte:update

for view page force installation of adminLTE command only view main page installation like the master of layouts and main adminLTE page which is generated once package setup is done 
php artisan adminlte:install --only=main_views --force

for new configuration setup after updating set-up you need to use config file update command forcefully so new configuration automatic added by adminlte.php file from the config folder. This file also there if you installed and setup package by steps which are defined here and you also see the difference once you apply this below command which I defined here below.

php artisan adminlte:install --only=config

this command overwriting the file code for adminlte.php so you must use here --force too into command so it will work perfectly. That is I write here also so  you just need to copy the command and apply by your terminal (if you have ubuntu OS) OR command prompt(if you have window OS)

php artisan adminlte:install --only=config --force

if you have any problem with css or js file once installing package you can solve by click on this below blog

here is specify the main error image so you can read that image if you will face that type of issue then this link will guide how to solve it

I have installed this AdminLTE package on my Github repository you can check here after cloning the repository - install laravel admin panel

Here in this Github repository, I mentioned adminlte package with a small project where you can check some CRUD operation laravel using adminlte package, SweetAlert package also there so you can check all the functionality code and it will help you a lot for creating basic and simple admin panel (admin dashboard) by laravel project so I think this will best guide for you once refer this Github code.

Note: once you installed Github repo for that you need to setup some files for database connection like as I have given below

copy .env.example file to .env

edit file .env and update the below variable of env files which is into the root of the any laravel project structure

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