So Many people confused after removing the public from URL coz of CSS and js file not found on console message like 404 not I am giving you the Best and easy solution for my friends.

No Need This type changes for change asset path - laravel

1) There is no need to modify the Vendor folder of the asset method

2) There is no more need to write one by one public into each and every link and script into the laravel projects.

3)No, override the method of an asset from vendor or nothing another provider creation for it overrides it

So I am explaining to you that is an easy solution just follows before steps for change asset path - laravel

1) goes to .env file write like below i write
ASSET_URL = 'http://localhost/laravel/public'

above syntax for local, you can write this syntax for any - ''

2)goes to the Config/app.php file

find asset_url into your file and replace this like below

 'asset_url' => env('ASSET_URL'),

That's it.

Happy Coding.

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Thank you.

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